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Autoprezentacja w trakcie rozmowy sprzedażowej – spotkanie sprzedażowe na żywo oraz online

Self-presentation during sales conversation – live and online sales meeting


duration: 4h


690 PLN netto

Marcin Mańka 

Marcin Mańka


As the only presenter, psychologist, soft competence trainer, and coach  in Poland, he combines professional education and experience in such a unique way.

Education: psychology (3 schools) and law. 17 years as a presenter (for example in:  Radio ZET, TVP 1, Polsat).

Business and work experience in managerial positions (sales, relations). Conducting international events and conferences. Very rich training experience.

Nearly 100 reference letters from the world’s largest corporations such as Coca-Cola, Oriflame and PWC.



Sales meeting is a great opportunity to present both yourself and your company. To properly prepare and conduct such meeting is not easy. In this project, you will learn the rules of conducting business meetings, the rules of effective self-presentation in sales. You will see that, especially in direct sales whether personally or using distance communication programs, first you sell yourself and later the product. Therefore, you must quickly and efficiently draw attention, interest and basic trust of a person that you talk to. I will show You how efficiently and consciously control impression you make on people, showing who you really are or want to be perceived in a specific situation. I will show You that naturalness, that is, building an image based on real traits, is the most important. We will focus on the most frequent self-presentation mistakes during sales conversations. We will make a list and I will give appropriate examples to create a decalogue of a proper image. Step by step, I will also show You how to use proxemics, that is, knowledge about distance between people, how to sit during the meetings, how to greet other people, maintain eye contact and make a nice and professional impression during a meeting. Everything based on psychology of social influence. It must be emphasized that self-presentation is a part of Your success, you also must have appropriate knowledge and skills required in a specific position.

Do you know?

  • how to build an image of a professional seller?
  • how to use knowledge of self-presentation to build trust?
  • how to make use of cognitive psychology in the process of selling?

but also

  • how you are perceived by the clients and what factors affect it?
  • how to greet someone and maintain eye contact?
  • how to sit and use knowledge of proxemics?


you will start

  • selling more effective,
  • effectively presenting yourself and become an expert in your trade,
  • consciously and actively building professional image of You and company.

you will stop

  • making fundamental self-presentation mistakes,
  • having negative impact on mood and behaviour of the clients,
  • unconsciously reducing effects of Your sales actions.

you will develop

  • ability to consciously build trust and liking,
  • ability to consciously exert influence on the clients at the substantive and emotional level,
  • ability to achieve in the clients desirable attitudes through application of appropriate rules of self-presentation.


  • Education: psychology, law, psychological training school, international icf coach certificate, one-year acting course, during doctorate,
  • conducting training and consulting projects for the largest companies, cooperation with international consulting companies in the field of HR, as well as conducting many prestigious events (of European and global rank), including international meetings of prime ministers, scientific and economic,
  • he conducted a unique research on a global scale, which showed that the image of the employee translates into the perception of the company,
  • over 17 years of experience working in the media, radio (Radio ZET, Roxy FM, Radiostacja), and above all in television (TVP 1, TVP Info, Polsat, TTV), Currently – host of Studio LOTTO, and a juror in Polsat tv show Make Me Over – Great Change, expert psychologist in television programs, among others Pytanie na Śniadanie,
  • business and work experience in managerial positions.


  • Expert psychologist in television programs, among others Pytanie na Śniadanie,
  • Juror in Polsat tv show Make Me Over – Great Change,
  • Host of Studio LOTTO
  • Presenter on Radio Zet
  • Presenter on TTV television – “Sunny Morning” program
  • Presenter on TVP 1 (programs „Za kulisami jedynki”, „Wypasiona zima”, „Quadrans Qltury”, „Studio oprawy TVP1”)
  • Hosting the Opole 2009 festival studio
  • Lector – Telewizja Polska S.A., TVN Warszawa
  • Presenter on Radiu Roxy FM
  • Presenter on Polsat television (programs Quizmania, Halo Kasa).


  • Czech and Polish Business Mixer. 
    During the film festival in Karlovy Vary, I was the host of Prime Ministers of Poland and the Czech Republic meeting with entrepreneurs interested in investing in both countries. The main topic of talks: development of economic relations. I was conducting formal and less formal meetings.
  • „Airtec Frankfurt – International Trade Fair for Aerospace Suppliers”
    One of the most important events in the world associating suppliers of aerospace solutions. Hosting the “Get together evening”.
  • „Future Internet Week”
    International conference related to the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Hosting all main meetings.
  • Coca- Cola Leadership Conference 2017
    Together with Ula Chincz, I was running a gigantic conference for Coca-Cola HBC. Language: English.
  • Final Gala of the European Competition entitled: “Discover e-volunteering”
    A cultural event for closing the European Volunteer Year 2011, included in the Programme of Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Organisations from 19 countries of the EU took part in this event.
  • Final Gala of the “Dobroczyńca Roku 2011” (Philanthropist of the Year) Competition
    The biggest and longest-operating competition promoting pro-social activities of companies in Poland. The Gala took place at Marriott Hotel in Warsaw. The audience included business elite members from Poland.
  • Discovery Channel conferences
    Conducting meetings with the biggest Discovery Channel stars, including: Bear Grylls, Dynamo magician (3 meetings in Poland). Language: Polish / English. 
  • Presentation of the Autumn 2016 Discovery Networks  schedule – special guest of Bear Grylls
    Conducting an international presentation of the schedule for Dicovery Chanel. Language: Polish / English.
  • National Campaign entitled “Tornister Pełen Uśmiechów” (Backpack Full of Smiles)
    Editions in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 organised by Caritas Polska and TVP1. Hosting press conferences and finale concerts with performances of the biggest Polish musicians.
  • 90th EOS International Congress
    The biggest European meeting of orthodontists organised every year in a different country. 5 years of preparations, 5 days of the Congress, & 2,500 participants from 72 countries.
  • 42nd Meeting of the Polish Association of Neurosurgeons – Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Neurochirurgie
    An international meeting of the top neurosurgeons at Collegium Maius in Lublin.
  • Malaysian Palm Oil Networking Seminar Warsaw 2015
    International conference relating to work on introducing sustainable palm oil farms.
  • Winning & Learning together in Warsaw
    International development conference of Coca-Cola HBC.
  • Launching the first 5G network in Poland T-Mobile.
    A historic moment, many important guests from Poland and the world. Language: English

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