Marcin Mańka

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The only psychologist, soft skills trainer and coach in Poland that combines professional education and experience in such a unique way.

Psychological (3 schools) and legal education. 17 years in the role of a presenter, among others, in Radio ZET, TVP 1, TVP Info, Polsat.

Experience in business and work in the managerial positions (sales, relationships). Conducting international events and conferences. Long training experience.

More than 80 reference letters from the largest global corporations such as Coca-Cola, Oriflame or PWC.



  • Education: psychology, law, school of psychological training, international certificate coach icf, one-year drama course, I currently write a doctoral thesis
  • conducting training and advisory projects for the largest companies, cooperation with international consulting companies in the field of HR, as well as conducting many prestigious events (of European and worldwide importance), including international meetings of prime ministers, scientific and economic meetings,
  • he conducted unique, on a global scale, research that showed that image of an employee has impact on perception of a company,
  • more than 17 years of experience of work in media – press, radio (Radio ZET, Roxy FM, Radiostacja), and in television (TVP 1, TVP Info, Polsat, TVN), Currently – co-host of Studio LOTTO, and juror in the Polsat’s programme Make Me Over – Wielka Zmiana, psychologist expert in TV programmes such as Pytanie na Śniadanie,
  • work in the sales departments in the managerial positions.


The only psychologist, soft skills trainer and coach in Poland that combines professional education and experience in such a unique way. I conduct top-ranked lectures and trainings, both for small and medium-sized companies and the largest corporations.


Another option of work within the framework of Emotional compass 2.0 is individual examination and consultations.
During online meeting or conversation, I create and analyse with a given client, his/her individual emotional profile, check his/her type of personality based on the tests. According to my author’s division, everyone is a mix of „4 elements”, and one of them is usually dominant, that is, Earth, Fire, Water or Air. For us, this test as a basis for the fact that human must be treated individually because we differ in many dimensions. It will be a starting point for working on emotions. In the next step, we use tests recommended by the Polish Psychologists’ Association that help us check various aspects of emotional intelligence.
Having such knowledge, I conduct a coaching session during which client determines subsequent steps of development within this scope. We together specify his/her strengths and those that need to be developed.

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