Effective negotiations are the result of precise preparations, thorough analyses and the use of best practices and tools. The mastery in negotiations means professional success, business profits and satisfaction.

Let’s be honest: there are no secret techniques of special services, which in a few days would help to significantly increase the results – and all of this in compliance with ethical principles. Sales are associated with the ability to meet human needs. However, by using psychological knowledge on choice-making processes and buying decisions as well as knowledge on interpersonal communication and social impact, you can definitely increase your effectiveness. And I will teach you how to do it.


  • how to negotiate skilfully?
  • how to achieve your goals while allowing the other party to achieve a satisfying result?
  • how to apply the rules of persuasion ethically?
  • how to defend against dishonest manipulation?
  • how to consciously recognise and apply the principles of non-verbal communication in the negotiation process?
  • how to stick to the chosen strategy and not give in to temporary emotions?


  • how to skilfully recognise the needs of the other party?
  • how to read the information contained in the pro-linguistic layer of the expression of the person with whom you negotiate?
  • how to properly prepare for the negotiation process?
  • how to set your goals and possible scope of concessions?
  • how to manage conversations during negotiations?
  • how and when to resign from negotiations?

Do you want to achieve your professional and private goals, using the ethical mechanisms of social impact and the best negotiation techniques? If so, take part in the training! Thanks to it

you will start

  • to effectively negotiate in such a way that the other party is also satisfied with the solution adopted,
  • to consciously and actively communicate with your customers, knowing what to show and how to read a given behaviour,
  • to consciously use negotiation techniques.


  • succumbing to your unconscious habits that are an obstacle to effective negotiations,
  • being subjected to manipulation attempts during negotiations,
  • acting hastily or impulsively, instead of following the chosen strategy.


  • the ability to recognise customer needs,
  • the ability to establish formal and informal business relationships,
  • self-confidence as a negotiator.


  • Customer – find out who they and identify their needs.
  • Mechanisms of choice and decision-making processes.
  • Discoveries of cognitive psychology and effective communication in negotiations.
  • Effective communication in sales and negotiations.
  • Conditions of negotiations in business.
  • Negotiations – definitions and parameters.
  • Preparation for negotiations.
  • The course of negotiations – the heart of the matter.
  • Personal development programme based on coaching techniques and tools.
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